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Day trip: Periana to Gibralta and back.

sunny 28 °C

We set out for Gibralta doing the coastal route. The Garmin took us down the motor way with 3 toll booths. This time we had cash. The cost was around 7 euros for the first one, 5 euros for the second one and around 3 euros for the last one. On the way back it was reversed. We didn't mind paying as found there were not many cars on the road. I think the locals know ways to detour around the toll bridges. We stopped for a coffee at a servico along the way. The trip would have taken around 2 3/4 hours. Gibralta was so different to what I imagined. It is a very small place. On arrival could hear the daughters words park and then get a bus. You have to make fast decisions and couldn't quite work that bit out. We first lined up behind what we found was a stationery row of cars, so detoured them went way back to a round about and joined another queau. What a strange place to enter you had to detour all over the place till finally you got past customs. Driving in you drive over the middle of the airforce runway. We got right into the edge of city then spied a car parking building where we found a car park no problems. It was in a shopping complex, nice and central, mind you the place is easy to walk around as not big. A lot of people seemed to walk in or catch buses in, most people really. The place was crowded the streets were busy with day trippers and holiday makers. The rock of Gibralta towers over the whole place. The port seemed to be very busy. From here you can do a day ferry trip to Morocco. After walking the streets finally managed to make up our minds what to eat. I got a sandwich which they toasted. For some reason I thought this place would be more English. Sure there were some British shops and shopkeepers who were English or spoke English but the predominant language was Spanish on the street and in the shops. Lots of British holiday makers here. I guess the school children would learn both languages. They even had an Irish quarter in this place. As Gibralta is duty free there were shops stacked with alcohol, jewelry, cigarettes etc. I was shocked to see a shop window full of cigarette packets. I took time to read the gruesome messages on the packets as back home unless it is duty free they are most likely tucked out of site and have to be asked for. I guess this could be because of theft as well. Amazing how many people smoke on the streets. One young girl stopped beside us at our lunch, place stubbed out her ciggie then threw it on the ground. Some of the buildings had built in ash trays. We decided not to do any guided tours, they seemed expensive, we paused at the taxi tours to hear what they were offering then got abusive reply when we said we hadn't eaten. We decided to walk part way up the rock to get some photos, we also found a monkey sitting on a roof. All the time we're on lookout for cars and bikes which Wizz through the narrow streets. We got our photos did more wandering around looking for Gelato. Later in the evening headed out, getting out harder than getting in. People everywhere catching buses and walking. Out we drove. We waited everywhere. I think everyone leaves at once. At one stage we where lined up 6 deep heading out. They let 6 cars go in every row at a time, so just had to be patient. They even had a big screen where you could watch what was on and advertisements. Once we got out of the queau all was fine we were off down the motor way with tolls. We stopped for dinner. I had a Spanish omelet, we would call it a quiche. The Garmin brought us back through our 15 KS of windy roads. Luckily we met the traffic in the right places. Even passed a couple of tour buses that had come through our village. A great day out to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary.

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