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Exploring Jersey

A coastal trip

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Was feeling a little better, though still lots of coughing happening. We decided to do the coastal tour as only one full day to tour. We were also going to find jersey cows so maybe not all coastal. We enjoyed the drive and our first stop was to Mont Orgueil Castle. This was at an attractive little waterside village and marina. This Castle was more about fortification and armies than Kings and Queens. This Castle for over 600 years protected Jersey against French invasion. The castle was first mentioned in 1212. Mont Orgueil was superseded by Elizabeth Castle off Saint Helier in the 16th century. Walter Raleigh rejected a plan to demolish the castle. For awhile it was used as a prison. The Germans used some of the rooms during occupation during World War 2. The castle is now managed by the heritage trust. There was lots of interesting things to see here uncluding some unexpected modern sculptures and art. We always have to check out everything which involves endless steps. A lady dressed in old clothing was playing an ancient musical instrument. Geoff had decided that he wanted to go to Mad Mary's for lunch. Geoff happy to be back driving on the left hand side of the road again. It was crazy but when we first picked up the car it felt strange to be driving on the left after a month of driving on the other side of the road. Also had to get uses to using gears. Lots of narrow roads to negotiate all over Jersey, houses and solid fences right on the edge of the road. Hire companies check for every little scratch, so far so good. Mad Mary's was in Bourley Bay. It was hard to find a park. In the end sat and waited till someone returned to their car. This turned out to be a little kiosk and Mad Mary was on duty, very busy it was, right beside the seaside, we sat under umbrellas and ate toasted sandwiches. We headed off. Lots of fortifications all around the coast. We went a little inland and spied some very well conditioned jersey cows so stopped to photograph them. Later we stopped at Plemont Bay that all the tourist buses stop at. Lots of people swimming here, eating or buying. There was a museum here and a historic pub. We spied the big snow freeze everyone was eating. They call them jersey cream. They tasted as good as they looked. I would go back to Jersey just to eat another one! Geoff then wanted to find Jersey Pearl, this only ended up being a hotel, restaurant and large shop that sold jersey pearls. We then headed onwards and discovered the Corbiere light house so walked over to this to take photos. It would be good to be here when the seas are stormy. Quite amazing rock formations here. Off we headed then came across the fisherman's chapel, church and grave yads. We stopped and spent time here looking around. Took photos quite a nice setting right on a Bay. We then headed back to our hotel. Had dinner in the hotel. Meal was not startling. They need to give this area a bit more personality. This hotel interesting, the sort of place some of the tourists just spend the day sunbathing by the outside pool. There was in inside heated pool as well. The dining areas had no real atmosphere. The best place was the bar area a bit more atmosphere here. The waiters didn't have a lot of personality. The girl manning the towels at the pool very friendly and the receptionits were very efficient. The tourists were friendly always saying hello. The only place you could get WiFi was in the dining areas, reception or the bar area. One night I was going to catch up with my blog in the bar impossible as people kept talking to us. Enjoyed our stay in Jersey even though I was coping with a sinus infection.

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Saint Malo to Jersey

Travel by Ferry

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Our trip to Brittany finally finished. Raphael and Melanie's lovely country home on Love Home Swap turned out to be very central to lots of interesting places. It was a short drive to the train station to deliver the car back again, without any scratches. The person receiving the car had very little English. He said he was heading to America for 9 months to improve his English. We decided to have something to eat at the train station. Last time here one toilet out of action. This time both toilets out of action. Not very surprised, major train station and no toilets working. Geoff then decided because we had plenty of time we should walk to the Ferry terminal where our ferry would leave for Jersey. It was hot and we had to drag our bags all the way. I mainly pushed mine as found this easier. The best thing with my new bag is it has 4 wheels instead of 2. There seemed to be major road works everywhere so kept having to cross the road to avoid uneven ground, not always possible. I was pleased to see the finish line in site as wasn't feeling the best. Had a sore throat coming on and kept getting coughing fits. Had a cold drink on arrival. We talked to an Australian couple. The evening before they had been on a train derailment after the train hit a tractor. They had to sit on the train for a long time before being released. They then had to walk along the train track for 1/2 kilometer carrying their cases to catch a bus. They said they finally got to their destination at 2.00 am. Luckily they were staying in Jersey for 3 weeks so we're going to return to Saint Malo. Finally we were on the ferry and off, luckily the water wasn't too rough. Have heard all the stories of bad crossings. We got some dinner on board. A reasonable selection of food. Nothing flash but something to eat. It took over an hour to get there. It was a car ferry. We got off and collected a car. No automatic car here all the rentals are gears. We were a bit annoyed as no one there for the rental car they had to ring to get someone to come. The sailing before had been cancelled due to mechanical issues, so our sailing very full of people, lots of families, school holidays. Finally we headed off managed to find our accommodation, which was close to the shops and waterfront, quite easily. Parking was very tight, luckily we found a spot. We settled in to the large hotel with 2 swimming pools. We went for a walk down to the waterfront to get our bearings. The following morning after breakfast which was included I decided to go to the doctor, all arranged by the girl in reception. This was a short walk away. The doctor very chatty, I got some antibiotics and cough medicine, walked back. As soon as our room was serviced went to bed and slept for 6 hours, didn't even wake for lunch. Dragged myself out of bed for diner. First walked into a posh place then I decided I couldn't cope with that with how I was feeling, exited politely and found a more relaxed outside sitting place. Straight back to bed and another big sleep. When planning this trip found out we had a spare day in the middle so attached one more night to Jersey. Thank goodness we did, as would have not had time to look around Jersey. We found in this hotel the only place you could use WiFi was in reception or in the bars or restaurant. It wasn't advertised as that. The room was a good size and the hotel very centrally located. It was Apollo Hotel.

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