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Exploring Guernsey

A day to explore

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The township of Saint Peters Port was very attractive. Some buildings with beautiful colourful co-ordinated hanging baskets. Apparently the council had recently spent money on the watering of these to encourage businesses to make their buildings more attractive. The waterfront gardens were attractive as well. Off we headed around the Island in a anti clockwise direction. We soon came across a large golf course. Thought of you Pete and Rae, Lesley and Leo, could picture you out on this course. We found some beaches then spied a fortification that looked like it needed exploring. These are all around the waterfront on the Island. Guernsey was more strategic for the German army than Jersey because of its closeness to England. We enjoyed exploring the houses a mixture of French and English designs. These Islands popular with French visitors, also a lot of French people living here. The accent is unusual. Mind you as else where there are lots of different nationalities living on the Island. We had lunch at a quaint English styled pub. Very rustic. The bangers and mash that arrived was enormous, I could only eat half of mine. We then decided to visit the German Occupation Museum. One man had the forsight to save things from the five years of occupation as it was a big part of Guernsey's history. When the Germans arrived they bombed the Island killing around 30 locals. They didn't realised that the military had already left the Island. For the first year of occupation the Germans found was like being in a bit of a holiday camp. Things changed as the war progressed. Jews were sent to camps in Germany, along with people doing things that didn't please the Germans. Some died in the camps. One lady was jailed on the Island for 6 months until the occupation ended because she made a joke about what Hitler might eat. One item was a suitcase containing the original clothes of one of the children evacuated to England at the beginning of the war. Guernsey evacuees were sent to places like Weymouth or Oldham where they were given clothing and shelter. Some had families they could go to. There was lots of war machinery, guns and vehicles. There were also lots of newspaper articles telling interesting stories. Always enjoy these human interest stories. At one stage during the German occupation it looked like the Islands would starve as food became scarce. The Germans allowed the red cross to ship food parcels over to the Island. Because the Island was mined some people lost their lives by stepping onto them. In one sad case the little girl was only 3 years old. The Island was taken back after the Germans signed a surrender treaty in 1945. We found the underground hospital, which would have been a depressing place for patients. That night we walked around down town then decided to come back and eat in the hotel. The waiters here very friendly this place has a good atmosphere. I am not sure the nationality of the waiters they could have been Indonesian or Malaysian. Good to see happy staff. A great place to stay would highly recommend.

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Jersey to Guernsey

We travel by Ferry

sunny 24 °C

Our sailing on the Condor Ferry in the afternoon so we had plenty of time for breakfast and packing. We returned the car with no scratches. There was a small place that sold food here. Would you believe that there was only sweet stuff to eat. He had no savoury food. I think normally he does have some. Were hungry as was now the afternoon so had something sweet then had an enormous coughing fit as it was dry and crumbly. Bought a newspaper and read it to catch up on some news. Check out the Herald page on the cell phone each day so we can keep an idea of what is happening back home. We certainly are pleased we missed one of the coldest wettest winters. We got some savory food on the ferry. This crossing didn't take very long. To get on this ferry you walked through long tunnels, good if it is raining. It was a pleasant crossing not rough at all, just as well as Geoff not a good sailor and myself still trying to get over the sinus infection. It was just making me a lot more tired. At least the doctor gave me plenty of antibiotics. We collected the car and had explained the give way system at crossings where you stop and let people through. Driving politeness needed as narrow lanes etc. The top speed only 35 miles an hour. Boy racers would get frustrated here. Our hotel was the Duke of Normandy right in the Centre of Saint Martin's. The drive in entrance to the hotel was a tight squeeze then there were no parks. They were quite happy at the hotel told us to double park and they would move our vehcle if necessary. When you looked at the front of our hotel there was a small dar sales area bung in the middle of the building. We enjoyed coming into Guernsey by Ferry. An attractive Bay. We liked this hotel very clean, it seemed to attract a young clientele who spent a lot of time at the bar area. We had another good sized room, very clean. After resting we walked down town exploring the shopping area and waterfront. There was a large enclosed marina. We found where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert landed in Guernsey. Queen Elizabeth and King George visited Guernsey 5 years after the German occupation ended. We found a nice restaurant on the harbour so sat outside for dinner.

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