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Sunny Singapore Stopover

There days and two nights in Singapore.

sunny 36 °C

We stayed at the Fragrance Hotel on Hong Kong Street. The rooms were clean and big enough for our cases. We soon found our old haunts from a previous stop over, we were staying in a different area. Near the Singapore River. We found a bar so that I could have a Singapore sling. Yummy. The first evening we ate at a waterfront cafe. For some strange reason we never ate breakfast while staying here and didn't miss it. The highlight was visiting the Gardens by the Bay area. We did the hop on hop off buses to get there. I am starting to think that this is an expensive way to get about, it would be better to just catch the correct bus there. We went up top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This was Geoff's idea I am not so great with hights, reluctantly I followed. It was well worth it for the views. The problem for me was that the top is the shape of a boat and we were on the front part sticking out with no building underneath. Afterwards we walked over to the Gardens and had a late lunch. The Cloud Forest Dome was our favourite with pitcher plants, ferns orchids and a 35 Metre man made mountain and waterfall. You could go to the top of this then make your way down through including hanging in mid air walkways. The flower dome was also interesting to visit. The gardens were also well worth wandering around. My favorite sculpture was the baby boy held up by just the hand. An amazing art work. That evening we decided to go to Orchard Road for dinner, we managed to catch a bus from New Bridge Road. We wandered around trying to find the best place to eat. At one stage found ourselves in a furniture shop it took a few floors to escape from there. At one stage we were heading up esculators on the outside of a building till I started to freak out and escaped into a building. Eventually we found the restaurant area. We decided we shouldn't eat in the Irish, French or Italian restaurants as it would be better to wait till we get to those places. We found a Singaporean Restaurant and had a nice meal there. I think my meal was more Chinese. Catching the bus back to our hotel was interesting. Geoff suddenly saw the name Bridge on a bus so on we lept. He told me to push the get off button after the bridge. We got off and Geoff was looking towards the shops looking really puzzled. I said look accross the road there is Hong Kong street where our accommodation was. We hadnt got on the New Bridge bus we got on another one but luckily it went one street over, which was the other end of Hong Kong Street. The good thing while staying here was we had two good long nights of sleep setting us up for the rest of our journey.

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Auckland to Singapore

Air New Zealand

We found that 11.45 pm was a good time to fly. It was a good flight with air New Zealand,we even managed to get a few hours of sleep. I had bought myself a bright pink sleeping cushion (pink for the Granddaughters). I had to chuckle when I awoke to find Geoff sound asleep with the pink cushion around his neck. We both were quite comfortable we had a good amount of leg room. It was interesting as the family in front of us had used the economy fold out seats. They took a lot of organising to put in place it seemed to take up a lot of time for the steward. He was very patient. The first meal was okay but the last meal wasn't very appetising dished up with cold coffee and tea. We had a great taxi driver when we got to Singapore he gave us a running commentary all about Singapore. The most interesting fact was that people had to bid for the right to own a car. This could cost up to $60,000. If successful they then had to buy the car at a huge price. They only bought the rights to car ownership for 10 years then had to go through the whole process again. The cars over 10 years are then sold abroad. Singapore to me is one of the most tidied cleanest places you could visit. I love the flower beds along the streets. We arrived at the Fragrance Hotel on Hong Kong Street early in the morning so we managed to get some sleep before we set off to reaquaint ourselves with Singapore.

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